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How to Plan a Stress-Free Wedding Day

Avoid common wedding woes with our best tips for creating the perfect beauty timeline for your big day! Whether you're planning an intimate wedding, or have 15 bridesmaids by your side, learn from the pros. What works, what doesn't, and what to keep in mind.

BEFORE the Big Day


You're going to be juggling a million things as your big day approaches—vendors, family members, skincare—and the one ball you definitely don't want to drop? Communication! It can be difficult to remember the details, which is why it is absolutely crucial to write everything down, especially when you're planning the morning of your wedding. Whether you have a Google Doc or an aesthetic wedding binder, the two most important times to keep track of are your beauty team's arrival and your photographer's arrival!

If you want to capture stunning pics of you and your bridesmaids primping, you'll need to communicate with both your photographer and makeup team to ensure there will be an overlap.

We can't tell you how many brides have been disappointed because their makeup and photography timelines didn't overlap on their wedding day.

While Makeup BLVD will always do our best to help you create the photos of your dreams, the easiest way to be absolutely certain your photographer captures your beauty transformation is to communicate with both teams!

Drink Plenty of Water

This advice is old hat, but staying hydrated benefits every system in your body! Drinking tons of water is especially good for your skin, because hydration starts from the inside out. If you want to GLOW on your big day, be sure to take care of yourself during the stressful lead up to your wedding. Drink plenty of water—80 oz or more—and take care of your gorgeous skin, girl!

Sure, you can put on moisturizer and serum to give your skin a boost, but there's nothing like the supple canvas of hydrated skin. (Besides, you're less likely to get a dreaded champagne headache.)

Catch those Zzzz's

We get it—pre-wedding jitters can make for a sleepless night! Resist the urge to stay up late with your bridesmaids and head to bed early. You won't want to miss a second of your big day, and no one wants to be yawning in their pictures (or worse, during the ceremony!) Plus, if you have a big wedding party, your bridal beauty team might have to arrive early in the morning. While our makeup artists can work magic on dark circles, the best cure for under-eye bags is a good night's sleep! Got your 8 hours and still woke up to puffy peepers? Put two spoons in the freezer for a soothing DIY spa treatment. Place the chilly spoons on your dark circles and watch them melt away!

ON Your Wedding Day

Take Some Time for Yourself

You want to soak up every minute of your wedding day, but don't be afraid to take a moment to yourself. Whether it's a five minute meditation, a long shower, or a quick solo walk, you'll be glad you spent some time grounding yourself before the flurry of activity. If you're an introvert (like me) you might want to carve out several opportunities for quiet time! It's your wedding day, and you want to enjoy yourself without getting overwhelmed. One recommendation is to ask your makeup artist for the silent treatment (really), and pop in some headphones. Let MUB help you relax and center yourself, you deserve it!

Make sure you eat!

It might be tempting to skip breakfast to save time (or to fit into your dress), but let's make one thing crystal clear: one meal will not affect your timeline or dress size! There's nothing worse than wedding jitters on an empty stomach, not to mention mimosas. Even if you aren't hungry, try to eat a little something with protein or whole grains. It would be terrible to feel faint—or worse, hangry—as you walk down the aisle. Whether you grab a granola bar or sit down to a big breakfast, your body (and bridesmaids) will thank you. Don't forget lunch, either! Put someone in charge of keeping you fed, either a bridesmaid or a family member, to avoid rumbling tummies.

Besides, you'll be so busy celebrating at dinner that you might not even finish your meal! Not to mention drinking on an empty stomach—yikes!

Be Prepared

On a day with so many moving pieces, something is bound to go wrong. It happens to everyone! While you can't control things like the weather, traffic, or family members, you can control yourself and how you react to stressful situations. Task one of your bridesmaids with putting together an emergency kit with bandaids, bobby pins, deodorant, and more!

Makeup BLVD is here to make sure that you're ready for everything. That's why we offer complimentary makeup trials for all of our brides! Knowing exactly how you're going to look on your big day can alleviate a lot of stress, and allows you to relax knowing you're in good hands.

That's all we have! As long as you communicate, hydrate, and sleep before the big day, you're ready to celebrate in style. On the morning of your wedding, be sure to take some time for yourself, eat a filling meal, and prepare for every possibility. When it comes down to it, your wedding day is about you and your honey, everything else is just a happy distraction.

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